A special on account of Robert Barkley for contributing our Prologue Spotlight Show. Mr. Barkley is the after of undergraduate admissions with Clemson Institution. Joseph Fernandez from Parliament Teachers conducted this specific interview.

What / things you consider the most significant parts of a credit card applicatoin, the parts which professionals should plan the most with care?

An important part of some student’s app file could be the high school record/transcript. The groundwork there will start at the beginning of positive aspects school career. As to the application form itself, it is very important that all info be because accurate as well as as possible. Specially in these days of online apps, the student is performing the initial facts entry attempts for what could possibly be their school academic document. Something as easy as one particular digit within a zip manner can affect the very receipt of any admissions selection.

Just what advice fish tank offer learners in regards to their whole personal assertions? Perhaps you can present some perfect examples you’ve seen in days gone by.

I understand a lot of ask statements right from students who may have been turned down admission. Most of them focus on quality grades and the instances that afflicted the quality grades. Rarely do they focus on what they learned (despite the grades), which is what you’re actually trying to discover when analyzing an application.

Is there any thing frequently observe on an component that you hope to never view again?

About the section meant for international students… where we tend to ask for visa information… I am hoping I by no means see a learner provide us by using credit card statistics and other information.

Everything that common risks should professionals be careful to avoid?

Applicants want to remember that mt4 the beginning of any dialogue using the college/university. The information provided is going to be read simply by adults. Trainees need to be attentive not to always be over-casual on their approach, delivering a video presentation information simply because might be distributed to their mates.

Any kind of myths regarding the application method which you wish to dispel?

College Admissions just ‘The Fantastic SAT Contest’, nor is it all ‘Rush Week’ where we sit near and select our families and friends and people that we like.

What assistance would you give an applicant utilizing below-average test scores nonetheless significant after school experience?

Why don’t hope the information on the very transcript programs exceptional general performance in the classroom. Normally, the test rates would appear that will verify the particular grades, and have absolutely an over-emphasis on out-of-class activities.

Do you regularly have to turn down applicants whom you wish you can actually admit? Reasonable, what can those professionals do to end up being admitted?

They ought to realize that a lot of students masteral annually like transfer trainees. If they are wear GRADUATING by a specific university, they need to discover transfer solutions that can hook them up to track in direction of a degree.

How much hope do you have inside ability of the SAT to help predict results at for college?

The SAT as well as ACT are great tools just for helping to foresee college achieving success, but ought not to be used for the reason that sole sign. Other factors (most importantly positive aspects school records, grades, GPA, strength about curriculum, etc) must be figured into the option as well.

What do you look for inside of a recommendation letter?

Honesty and a true sense of opinion.


It’s Friday and Twitter’s Follow Comes to an end event jogged my memory that there are a great number of parents in existence in cyberspace seeking out help along side the college prologue journey. Here is a short list associated with helpful ‘parents’ (along using myself, regarding course) you need to bookmark, carry out and utilize on The facebook for the best reassurance and mother or support coupled your trip.

Britta Kulow (@CvlKulow)

Anne is a father or of college-bound teens plus the owner/author of any blog which includes chronicled your girlfriend admissions outing with her boys and girls (Dr. Bizarre College-or by domain flipping learned to avoid worrying together with love the journey). Her website is jam-packed with fantastic information, being a parent encouragement plus tips to make it easier to sift through everything you are deluged with during the college accès process.

Nancy Berk (@NancyBerk)

Nancy is also a parent who’s survived the very journey in addition to written about it in your ex ‘hit’ publication, College Guaranteed and Gagged . Nancy gives families a comedy break by way of helping you play at yourself and your kids during this stressful time. Nothing could possibly be better than a bit laughter to ease the stress that will help you see the larger picture.

Z. Kelly Queijo (@collegevisit)

Kelly is the mastermind behind Intelligent College Take a look at, a website supplying you with information and even resources that helps make the college visit a success. Their tools that can assist you plan your own personal college visits provide mothers and fathers with all the information they need in a single place. Your ex cool ‘mobile app’ intended for Virginia Technician is the to begin it’s style!

Monica Matthews (@AidScholarship)

Monica is a mom or dad herself as well as she is typically the scholarship wizard, finding scholarship grants for her sons and helping parents to complete the same. The woman simple ebook, How to Acquire College Scholarships , strolls you in the process step-by-step. She at the same time blogs, rendering parents tips and scholarship up-dates on a regular basis.

Paul Hemphill (@vcollegeadvisor)

Paul realized the hard way that schools aren’t actually a parent’s friend. His frustration along with the admissions procedure during the sons’ passage, prompted the pup to help different parents plus students know the secrets to take fee during the journey and ‘win’ in this very competitive process. His training video series is second to they won’t and every parent should arm independently with his modération of sage advice.

This really is just a short list of parents to choose from offering you enable along your own journey. Come to be an informed father or mother and give you access to their information and sensible counsel. Fathers and mothers helping mother and father what better solution to survive typically the journey?